Husband and wife coaching team. Each offering our skills and experience from 30 years of coaching. Now working together. The whole equals more than the parts. Our collaborative coaching enables you to achieve your best results.

Kathryn has been coaching various sporting activities for 30 years. These have evolved over those years. The coaching services she offers include all of the activities she has become passionate about, become qualified to coach, and developed her involvement in.

Each activity has its own skills and fitness requirements but these overlap and feed each other. My coaching offers knowledge and experience from the collective whole. I believe passionately in enabling individuals to be the best they choose to be, whatever form that takes.

My participation in sport, and subsequent experience of coaching, has been built on and around a life which included challenges in my early years and then, as an adult, raising my son for many years as a single parent. I understand many of the self-belief, time, and financial constraints which could limit participation or performance in your chosen activity. My passion is helping people to be and do whatever they would like to despite any challenges.

“I don’t just coach others. I participate in all the sports and activities I coach. I am honoured that I qualified as an age-group athlete for the European Cross-triathlon Championships in Ibiza in October 2018. The year didn’t go as planned and I had to withdraw a few days before due to a family crisis. I aim to be back. Being an age-group athlete is an honour and achievement. It’s not easy to fit training into life with all its twists and turns which means that every athlete has sacrificed time and other opportunities to be on the start line. That in itself is a win!”

Not all her work is sports related. One recent projects has been working with Education Through Expedition at Plymouth University helping deliver leadership training to environmental science students. The final stage of this project saw the students put what they have learnt into practice (and learn a great deal about their own behavioural tendencies and leadership styles) on a two-day expedition on Dartmoor.

“I am as interested in helping people who are not currently active to identify and overcome their barriers to participation as I am in helping athletes to improve their performance. I believe that sports, fitness and activities can transform individuals’ lives in ways which extend beyond the purely physical benefits.”

A favourite quote …

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t … you are probably right.”

Kathryn’s qualifications are listed here.


Ian has been coaching for a number of years and focuses on meeting the particular needs of his clients. His coaching philosophy is based on a holistic approach to develop, enable and equip his athlete/rider to become independent.

“I believe that what they learn during the process should have changing effects throughout their life. This is achieved through a balance of communication and understanding  that each athlete is unique. This is further enhanced by a range of professional qualifications and 30 years of experience in triathlon, cycle and multi-sport.”

Ian has raced triathlon at all distances from Sprint to Iron distance both in UK and internationally and has been selected and competed for the GB Age Group at  Standard, Long Distance and Cross Tri as well as competing at the Xterra World Championships.  He has competed in criteriums, MTB races, and long distance sportive events both in UK and Europe.

“Whether your desire is to simply get fit, to train for your first triathlon or cycle sportive or prepare for a racing season, Ironman or multi-day event, I can put together a customised training programme for you so you can reach your goals together.”

A favourite quote …

“Oi kau ka lau, e hana i ola honua.”
“While there is earthly life, do all you can.”

Ian’s qualifications are listed here.