Personal Training

Personal training can take many forms.  Sessions can be designed to suit your preferences, your work routine, be specific to your fitness or competitive goals, and devised to best match your level and type of motivation.

Kathryn has a BSc in Sports Science and Sports Psychology and Level 3 Personal Training qualification in addition to years of coaching and participation experience. Ian has a GABBA qualification. Both are British Triathlon Strength & Conditioning trained coaches.

Whether you wish to work with free weights, prefer circuits, or wish to combine running, cycling or swimming with yoga, we can help you meet, or exceed, your fitness goals. We can also help you identify suitable goals if you do not yet know what they might be. In addition, we will help you overcome your personal barriers to participation or the things which may have previously caused you to give up training.

Some of our clients are recovering from injury and wish to particularly focus on the imbalances which contributed to their injury to prevent recurrence. Others are interested in building an overall healthy, strong, conditioned body either to perform better in their chosen sporting activities or simply to live life in an optimal way.

We can offer sessions are your home or workplace or at an indoor or outdoor venue (or more than one) in Cornwall or Devon. Some of our clients choose to do regular sessions at one venue. Others are happy to mix up their training to keep their interest levels high and to continually challenge their body in new ways.

Sessions can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, or occasional.

Contact us to discuss your personal training needs.