Road Cycle Coaching

For both of us our first cycling love was a road bike. There is nothing to beat the feeling of moving swiftly due to your own effort.

Over 138,000 people are now British Cycling members and numbers are growing each year. Many are regular sportive riders though a significant number  are new to cycling or returned after a period away.

Cycling is a technical sport, even if you are not Geraint Thomas. Spending time  improving your bike handling skills is going to pay you back in an improved experience out on the road. If you are riding for pleasure that means you have a more fun day out. If you are riding for competition that can give you the edge over your competitors.

Coaching can also identify some of your movement patterns which may lead to overuse or imbalance injuries in the longer term. Appropriate strength and conditioning can help you to strengthen and lengthen where you need to and keep your body working in the way it should on the bike.

Ultimately you will be able to avoid injuries and keep riding for longer.

Please contact us to ask about individual coaching or group coaching sessions.