Whether you want run coaching for triathlon or are new to fitness and wanting to begin running, we can offer you coaching as an individual or with a group.

We offer online coaching in the form of bespoke plans uploaded weekly to Training Peaks. Plans include S&C. Our coaching includes video chats and analysis as needed.

Face to face sessions for groups or individuals vary but include:

  • Warm-ups
  • Main session with a focus on aspects of running such as:
    • components of running fitness
    • event or goal specific activity
    • running skills and drills
    • aspects of coping with (and thriving in) competition
    • psychological and physiological aspects of performance
  • Cool-down and stretches (remember we teach yoga too so those stretches will be really effective)

For triathletes, run sessions can also include running ‘off the bike’ (brick sessions) and transitions.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.