Swim Bike Run Yoga

Kate has been teaching yoga since 2003 and for many years had a studio in the UK. She is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Sports Specialist Yoga training provider and a Yoga Teacher Trainer. She created Swim Bike Run Yoga to meet the needs of athletes wanting to effectively use yoga. Ian is also a qualified yoga teacher and assists in teaching.

In her studio, amongst her yoga students were men and women who were athletes in some form, both recreational and competitive. Since becoming a yoga teacher and subsequently completing her BSc in sports science and sports psychology 15 years later she began to increasingly filter her yoga through the sports science lens to ensure that the yoga was relevant, effective and aligned with sports science.

Yoga teaching (as well as any coaching) is a two-way process and you learn from each person you work with and amass a wealth of experience to offer each successive person. Combined with ever increasing anatomical, physiological, and coaching knowledge, Kate shares what she knows and enthuses about yoga with other athletes.

Kate offers individual or small group yoga sessions via the online platform of Skype. She is happy to give you advice about how to set this up.

Swim Bike Run Yoga on YouTube

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Yoga For Athletes Courses

Kate also offers teaching to athletes and yoga teachers and coaches working with athletes. There is information on the Swim Bike Run Yoga website about courses in Portugal and also plenty of information to get you started with yoga or help you develop how you use yoga in your training.